3PL Logistics Services

Because of our related divisions, we have the ability to handle all aspects of your logistics from bringing in packaging materials from us, bringing in parts etc. to you from manufacturers, and delivering your end product to your customer.

Sample Testing

  • Find out your current packaging specs by allowing us to test at no charge to your company
  • Make sure you are getting what you are supposed to be
  • Allows us to determine whether you can save money by using a different spec.
  • Allows us to determine whether or not an upgrade would protect your product better and solve damages which can offset or improve your bottom line and name with less product damage.

Design Lab

  • Create and/or improve your packaging.
  • Improve material handling and packing processes.
  • Trial runs to test new packaging or changes to existing saving thousands of dollars in the process.

Testing Facilities

You pack and load your product onto our trailer and we can provide a real-life transit test and simulated test on state of the art equipment so you know the results first, rather than your customer.

Minimal charges, if any, depending on whether official reports are needed, extent of test and frequency of testing required.